Dental Care in Downtown Toronto


Our bright and welcoming office is conveniently located on the concourse level of Scotia Plaza, part of the PATH. Reach us by subway, streetcar, or just take a stroll through the warm and dry underground network of shops. Feel free to stop by for a tour and to book your appointment.   Our office hours are designed for your convenience. We are open early Monday through Friday, to give you an opportunity to fit your appointment in at the start of your busy day. We also offer bookings through the lunch hour, and we work late on Tuesdays. Give us a call - we will do our best to accommodate your busy work schedule.  

A key part of the mission is in communicating with our patients and educating them so that we can create a treatment plan together that matches each person's unique circumstances and needs.

Plaza Dental Centre at Scotia Plaza offers prompt professional dental care with little interruption to your working day. We are located on the PATH in Scotia Plaza, next to the food court, in downtown Toronto.  Our dental office is geared to a busy lifestyle, starting with our convenient location on King Street. Whether you see us early in the morning before work, at lunchtime, or right after work on your way home, we're easy to find in the Scotia Plaza (concourse level) on King Street between Bay and Yonge, near the subway station. If you're driving, underground parking is available.  

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There is no need to use up your vacation time or sick days for your dental visits -- we have early morning hours (starting at 7:30 a.m.) to make sure you get to work on time and keep to your busy schedule. We can also book your appointment during your lunch hour, or after work. We respect your time and make every effort to keep to our schedule so your appointment can start and end on time.

Getting to your dental appointment with us is easy, particularly in you live or work downtown. If you are walking on the PATH, the most convenient access point when it's too cold, too hot or too wet outside, you can find us near the Scotia Plaza food court. Pass through the food court towards the King subway station, and you'll see our office next to the BMO bank machine.  Our primary purpose is offering preventive dental care, to help you maintain a healthy smile and excellent oral health for life. That being said, we recognize that emergencies happen, and we know that prompt care in these situations is critical. Whether you've lost a filling, or are suffering with a toothache, we are here when you need us. Call us right away at 416-861-9990 and we'll do our best to accommodate you today.  

Our dental services begin with monitoring your oral health through regular check ups, to help you maintain a healthy smile. We are also pleased to offer additional services that may serve to enhance your smile, such as implants, whitening, crowns & veneers, and Invisalign straighteners. Our mission is to provide the highest level of dental care available.

Our dental practice engages the services of two general dentists and a specialist in periodontics. What this means for you and your family is that we are able to provide the complete package of dental services in our downtown location, from regular check-ups and routine cleaning to cosmetic services that enhance your smile and boost your confidence, as well as extra care and attention for the health of your gums. Our goal is helping you maintain a beautiful and healthy smile from childhood to adulthood.  Most of the team at Plaza Dental Centre has been working with our patients for 10 years or more. We are fortunate to work in an environment where we enjoy seeing our patients each day, and interacting with them. Our stated mission includes providing open communication with our patients, and helping them to make decisions about their oral health with the best available information. We also promise professional and courteous service, and strive to keep to our schedule so you can keep to yours.  

If you are considering a new dentist for yourself and your family, we invite you to stop by our downtown office in the Scotia Plaza, or call us at 416-861-9990, or email to schedule an appointment.

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